Megan Malone | About
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About Megan M Malone

About Me

Hello! My name is Megan. But you probably already know that by now…


I’m a freelance writer and marketing specialist by day and blogger by night (or whenever I can find the time to write for fun). I live in Dallas-Fort Worth with my cocker spaniel pup. We like to go on long walks along the river and binge watch Netflix — especially anything crime-related or depressing enough to make us (me) sob.


Nine times out of ten if you’re looking for me you can find me somewhere on the internet. I’m a lover of social media (Twitter is my favorite) and side-projects (looking to venture into the podcasting world soon). I’m kind of a human guinea pig — I’ll try almost anything once if I think it could be good for me. My intrinsic motivation comes from the desire to inspire and encourage others to grow and thrive in everything they do. Does that sound cheesy? Deal with it.


If you want to collaborate or hire me as a freelancer, let’s get in touch! I love to connect with like-minded bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. You can view the full list of freelance services I offer here.