About Megan M Malone

About Me

I entered the digital publishing business in 2001 when I started an e-mail newsletter for teenagers. Teen Life was read by a whopping 12 subscribers that I recruited from an AOL message board. It wasn’t my greatest success, but after I realized that other people would read things I put on the internet, I was hooked.


After graduating from Texas Christian University with degrees in Marketing and Psychology, I began a career in advertising while pursuing my passion for writing on the side. At the time, writing didn’t seem like a sustainable career option. But after a layoff in 2014, I finally had the push I needed to launch my career as a freelance writer. Today, I write about psychology, personal development, entrepreneurship, and wellness. My work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Introvert Dear, Elite Daily, Truity, and several other publications. 


If you want to collaborate or hire me as a writer, let’s get in touch! I love to connect with like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs. You can view the full list of freelance services I offer here.