Weekly Top 3: “Girl” vs. “Woman”, Snapchat Search, and Mastodon

girl vs woman, snapchat stories, and mastodon

Weekly Top 3: “Girl” vs. “Woman”, Snapchat Search, and Mastodon

Every Friday, I hand pick three things I found that inspired or interested me this week. These things include articles, videos, books, podcasts, music, new tech, and general advice. These are generally about writing, marketing, and personal development. Here are the three things I loved this week.

  1. “Girl” vs. “Woman”: Why Language Matters

Earlier this week I was listening to a great business podcast by a popular and highly influential entrepreneur. This man had two successful female business owners on his show that day. However, while listening to the intro I was confused. He kept calling these women “girls.” I assumed they were teenagers and was impressed that they were being featured on such a popular podcast. However, I quickly learned that these women were in their late 20s/early 30s and had been entrepreneurs for over ten years. I sent a message to the podcaster letting him know that the episode was great, but politely reminded him not to call professional women “girls.” To my surprise he actually responded, apologized, and thanked me for my honesty. I also happened to find Mayim Bialik’s awesome YouTube channel this week and discovered that her most recent video addresses this very issue. It’s worth a watch. To put it simply: If the woman is over 18, she’s not a girl and it’s unprofessional, confusing, and condescending to refer to her as such.

  1. Snapchat Search Stories

Snapchat recently announced a new feature, Search Stories. Snapchat search allows people to browse publicly shared stories about particular subjects. For example, if you want to see stories about kittens, you simply search for “kittens” like you would on Google or YouTube. Snapchat then shows publicly shared stories about that topic. It does this by detecting the shape of a cat in a story or searching for text like “kitty” or “cat” on the photo or video. For marketers, this feature allows you to share your Snaps with a wider audience outside of your followers and enables your channel to be found by search terms. For fairly obvious reasons, this is expected to be a major win for advertisers hoping to reach a broader audience on the popular platform.

  1. Mastodon

Have you heard about Mastodon? It’s the next best thing in social media, apparently. Then again, so was Ello, remember Ello? The Twitteresque platform may or may not live up to the hype but it’s definitely grown in popularity this week thanks to a recent article on Mashable. I joined a Mastodon instance, or server, called social.tchncs.de on Tuesday night. There were about 1,000 members when I joined and since then the group has capped off at 6,057. The audience is mostly techies, marketers, and early adopters but the platform is growing at extreme rates. The original instance, mastodon.social reached capacity days before I heard of the platform. Unlike a tweet, each “toot” can be up to 500 characters and the user can choose whether to make their unique toot private, public, or unlisted (meaning that it’s public but not viewable on the local or federated newsfeeds.) To be honest, I don’t quite have it figured out yet and feel a lot like my grandma discovering Facebook for the first time.

Megan on Mastodon

Mastodon definitely has some perks that Twitter does not, but does a social network that asks its users to “toot” their voices have the ability to be the next best thing in social media? Only time will tell.

What inspired or interested you this week? Share your top three in the comments!


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