Weekly Top 3: Personal Branding For Introverts, Podcasts, and Pinterest Lens

weekly top 3

Weekly Top 3: Personal Branding For Introverts, Podcasts, and Pinterest Lens

Every Friday, I handpick three things I found that inspired or interested me this week. These things include articles, books, podcasts, music, new tech, and general advice. These are generally about writing, marketing, and personal development. Here are the three things I loved this week.

HBR: Personal Branding for Introverts

As an introvert, branding myself is a challenge. I don’t feel comfortable talking about myself to people I don’t know well, and going to a networking event with hundreds of people is my idea of a nightmare. The power of the internet has made it much easier for introverts to put ourselves out there and establish ourselves as experts without having to drain our social batteries on a regular basis. The author of this article, Dorie Clark, is an expert in personal branding and a fellow introvert who I really admire. Check out the article and let me know your thoughts!

Internet Business Mastery Podcast

Full disclosure, I started listening to the IBM podcast about a month ago. But I like it so much that I’m going to share it here anyway. IBM hosts Jason and Jeremy interview regular people who have become successful online business owners. The episodes are inspiring if you need that kind of stuff for personal motivation like I do. But it’s also full of helpful and practical tips that internet business newbies, bloggers, and online marketers can use.

Pinterest Lens

This week I learned that Pinterest recently released a new point-and-shoot discovery tool called Lens to all iPhone and Android users in the US. Lens allows you to take a photo of something and view pins that match or are similar to the item in the photo. For example, you see a pricey pair of shoes at the store, take a photo, and find a similar style online for less, without having to say or type anything into your smartphone. This is one of the many ways social platforms and search engines are utilizing visual search and something that marketers and business owners should stay up-to-date on.

What inspired or interested you this week? Share your top three in the comments!

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